Ready to Create a Compelling,
Unforgettable Brand that Attracts?


Establish Strong Brand Foundations and
Transform them into Beautiful Aesthetics


You will-

Approach your brand with strategy. Learn how brand strategy can guide your brand identity in the right direction and make a huge impact in your business.

Gain Clarity
. So you know the right direction for your brand, what it should communicate and how to resonate with your audience (and who they are).

Become Confident. Nail a brand style that you are confident to share, because it perfectly tells your brand story and feels perfectly 'you' while also connecting with your audience.

Attract the right customers and clients. Learn how to identify your niche, and know your customers, so that you can attract the right people through your branding.

Find Consistency. End the re-brand cycle, and create a brand style full of meaning, that you will stay consistent with and stick with long term.

Using in-depth creative brand strategy to approach your branding

with purpose and strong foundations. So you can create a long lasting impactful identity.

Find the Clarity You Crave.

Stand out amongst the noise and have your
unique story intertwined into your brand.

If you have tried to design your own visual branding or you constantly get that itch to change it.

If you constantly struggle to have clear direction, and are worried you will end up with a messy brand, that tries to combine everything you like.

It is time to stop admiring other peoples beautiful branding and create something of your own that is unique, timeless and beautiful that you will be proud of and feel confident to use.

No more being stuck in this limbo of wanting to get started with your branding but not knowing where to start. Set the foundations for a unique brand full of personality that really stands out and connects you to your dream customers.

Elevate Your Brand

Be seen as the professional creative talent you are.

Understand how to position your brand and communicate your value with a cohesive style.

Let your brand guide the way you approach every aspect of your business.

Let your creativity shine.

"I’m much more confident now. I feel like I have a cohesive story to tell now and that makes the actual design process much easier."

- Sara Gisabella
"omg just defined my niche. Amazing! I have only just started out in my business and it's helped me more than I ever thought! So
excited for Lesson one now! Bring it on 😎"

- Courtney Beeren

You wake up and check your Instagram account.

Everyone else seems to know what they are doing. Their images are always consistent and beautiful. You head to their website to read their blog and it flows seamlessly together. If you spot their post on Pinterest you right away know who created it.

They have something unique. A style that seems to tell their brand’s story.

Their style draws you in. And it seems to work it's magic on their audience as well, as they are always booked out and making big profits.

How do you achieve that for your own brand? You want to create a brand that draws people in, inspires them, connects with them and converts.

You open up Canva and mess around for hours.
You are overwhelmed with all the options and tempted to change things up over and over.

You need direction before your brand looks like everything but the kitchen sink. But you love so many things.
How could I ever condense that all into one look?
Why is it so hard to design for yourself!! How do turn your vision into visuals that truely align with who you are and who you want to attract?

Attract Your
Dream Audience
and Feel Confident
about Your Brand.

Imagine Your Brand Being Adored.

You slip on your cosy fluffy slippers and boil the kettle.

As you sip a warm cup of coffee in your favourite handmade ceramic mug, you pick up your phone.

Your inbox is inundated with messages from your loyal customers, who just bought your latest offering.

They adore your brand.

Your brand speaks to your audience so clearly.

They fell in love with you and all you offer the moment they laid eyes on that stunning brand of yours.

They want more of it. Every time you put out something new they grab it up with great anticipation.
Your story resonates with them and they feel you really get them.

When ever they see anything you put out there, they instantly know it is from you.
They can not wait to click and find out more.
The golden morning sun glimmers through your bedroom curtain.

Your brand fills you with confidence to show up as your best self, and it guides how you approach every aspect of your business.

Establish Strong Brand Foundations and
Transform them into Beautiful Aesthetics.

"Such great takeaways! Thank you for sharing these (so key)!! I love the message that branding is more than your logo and colors (though, those are important as well) and encompasses your message and story. I love your work and the way you make visual branding human and break it down."

Kim Argetsinger
"Probably the most helpful online course I’ve found.  I have read so much and never really found any that provide really in-depth processes.  With a limited budget it is really hard to make sure you’re presenting your best, so I really appreciate your generosity in this... I feel like I’m the closest to ‘me’ that I’ve ever been, as well as understanding my brand and philosophy etc!"

Xanthe Grundy

You can have a stand-out,
unique brand identity.


It's time to get clear and define your brand style. Forget the surface level Pinterest board and 'pretty' branding. If you are tired of having a brand that looks like everyone else's.

If you really want to stand out in your industry but also have something that feels true to you. A brand based on deep strategy. Strategy that will lay the foundation for every aspect of your business, even beyond your visual identity.

This course dives deep into brand strategy and the early design process, so that you will not only have a strong brand style but a stand out identity, that speaks clearly to your audience and attracts and connects with the perfect customers.

An identity that lets your personality shine and your story resonate. And a strong foundation that will act as a guiding light for your brand.

"One of the surprising aspects about starting my shop is the catalyst it has been for deeper layers of self-discovery. When you want to do something, inevitably the questions will come (from yourself or people around you), why? Why do you want to do this? What's your story? How did you get to this point? I took Tabitha's 'Define Your Brand Style' course on discovering your brand identity a few months ago. Tabitha laid out a series of prompts to get me thinking deeper about my why, about my story, and about what makes me uniquely me. I started her course trying to figure out what in the world I needed to do for branding.

I walked away with pages and pages of my own story I had never stopped to express and write down before.

I realized there is so much in me that I can sometimes pass over as "ordinary". But putting it out there into the world and owning it has given me the gift of self confidence. I'm saying to the world, "here is a piece of my heart, expressed through my creativity. Here is a part of my story. Here are my ideas. Here is my work. This is me." It's taking a lot of bravery, but I like the person I have become and that's been a long journey for a person who has struggled with insecurity my whole life.

Tabitha, I want to give you a big hug! It was such a huge piece in my journey to actually live this dream! Once I completed your course I felt I couldn't walk away from this!

Thank you for helping me find clarity. "

- Stephanie Chandler

What you will Learn.


Exploring Identity

  • Why it’s so important to find your focus and niche down in your business.
  • When to get clear on your focus and the processes of narrowing down.
  • How to define your audience. How to narrow down on what you offer.
  • Create a customer mood board so that you can visualise the people you are speaking to and begin to create your brand feeling and vibe.

  • Identify elements of your personal identity that can be incorporated into your brand identity.
  • Be aware of how self-perception plays a role in how you brand yourself. And how assessing this can help you show up the way you want to be seen.
  • Create a personal identity board, so you can begin to visually represent your identity.

  • Your brand's vision and the impact you want to have.
  • How to discover what sets your business apart so you can stand out.
  • How to identify your business model and what you offer.
  • How to develop ethics and values that your brand upholds.
  • Identify your brand's story and mission.

  • Define your 'Why' in having a business and doing what you do.
  • Define your Core Goals
  • Uncover your Mission and your Purpose.  
Define and Refine Your Brand Message and Story
  • Craft your Brand Story.
  • Lean how to communicate your values and beliefs clearly to build community.
  • Explore your personal story and how it aligns with your brand message.
  • Create a mission statement, that acts as a guiding compass.
  • Create your brand promise and value proposition.
  • Create a mind map to delve deeper and begin generate ideas for your brand identity.
  • Break down your story to find metaphors. How to use psychology and symbolism to represent parts of your brand story.
  • How design elements communicate a message.
  • Creating a mood and feeling. And positioning your brand using visuals.


Refine and Define


Colour Messaging

  • Colour psychology and the power of colour in brand messaging.
  • How to use colour to evoke emotions in your audience.
  • How to use colour to inspire action.
  • The science of how colour works and the basics of colour theory so you can better understand how to use colour.
  • How to put together a harmonious colour palette with confidence.
  • How to maintain colour consistency so you can use the same brand colours with ease.
  • Source colour inspiration. and start to see how your colours work together.
  • Learn how to create a brand colour palette that considers all your brand needs.

  • How fonts help position your brand.
  • Choosing the right fonts for your audience.
  • How fonts evoke feeling and emotion.
  • What to consider when choosing brand fonts.
  • Typography tips for better design.
  • Logo styles you can consider
  • Finding logo Inspiration


Type Talks


Capture Your Style

  • Create your final mood board, to create your overall feeling and message, bringing it all together in a cohesive style.
  • Bring everything together to create a brand direction guide and design brief, to be sure your final branding communicates the right message.
  • Finish with a clear guide on the message you want your brand to communicate and who to. As well as visual ways you can tell your brand story, and a purposeful mood board that will set the tone for a long lasting stand out brand.

Take a look

What's Inside


5 Modules

18 Video lessons

18 Lesson Note PDF's + Workbooks

✓ Work at your own pace
✓ Choose the format your learn best (watch or read)
✓ Hands on activities to get ideas flowing
✓ Lifetime access
✓ Hosted in Teachable


Ready to Transform Your Brand?

According to Forbes-
"Plenty of agencies integrate design with messaging. You tell them what you your business is about and what you want to communicate, and they put it into words, make a tagline, and design an identity to match... If you have a great foundation, a branding agency that has marketing savvy can enhance your brand’s existing positioning in the market. A small agency that does both can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 and up."

Brand Strategy with a professional brand strategist usually costs $5000- $10,000

No one knows you and your brand better than yourself. Take control of your brand, establish your own brand strategy and define a brand style that truely encapsulates your brand and helps you grow and make a difference.

Wait there is more... The Bonuses



Design for Your
Age Demographic

  • The guide to how the age of your audience affects their visual preferences.
  • Considering the user experience of design at different ages

    VALUE $97

    • Easy to use
    • Speeds up the mood board process
    • Always looks good!

    VALUE $47


    Mood Board


    Brand Audit Guide

    • Find the holes in your brand that need the most work
    • Know what is going wrong, so you can focus on improving those areas.

      VALUE $47

      • Get clear on exactly what graphics your brand needs
      • Deligate and assign graphics based on who will create them
      • Easily track what needs creating, so you can get all your graphics consistent.

      VALUE $27


      Brand Graphics

      A Style that Perfectly Reflects Your Business.


      Whether you want to DIY your brand visuals or hire the help of a designer, it is critical that you first lay the foundations and create a clear direction for your brand.

      Gain absolute clarity about who you are, what your brand is all about and who your audience is, so that the result will be a brand identity that encapsulates your brand in a unique, timeless way, full of depth and meaning.

      Next time you see a pretty font, a cool layout, or a swoon worthy colour palette, you won't be tempted to imitate another style or question your own brand, but know with absolute certainty that your brand is truly you and tells your unique story and your audience loves it.

      You know your brand is instantly recognisable and communicates the right message, so there is no temptation to make 'little tweaks'.

      "I loved how in depth it went with finding our purpose.

      Before taking this course my brand was pretty much a mess. I tried out different things but a few weeks later I would be unhappy with it and start over again. I was taking different courses, buying different materials to try and help me to get clarity on my brand and the story I want to tell with it, but somehow I always got stuck at certain points. I was slowly circling in on my voice and direction already, but this course helped me push past those points where I always got stuck.

      I’m much clearer now on my brand voice and the story I want to tell with my brand.

      This was the part I was struggling with the most but now I have a better idea of what my brand can be. Your prompts and questions really helped me to work through these struggles and push past the points in which I would always get stuck.

      It was most challenging to really dig deep since I’m still very new in business, but I feel that the course guided me through it quite smoothly. Overall I truly enjoyed this course and I’m sure I will come back to it from time to time to align my brand again.

      I’m much more confident now. I feel like I have a cohesive story to tell now and that makes the actual design process much easier.

      My biggest struggle wasn’t the design aspect of it, but finding my brand voice and story and this course has helped me so much with that.

      This isn’t the first branding course I took, but it’s the first one that really tackled designing for yourself, which is different than designing for someone else.

      This course was really exactly what I needed to help me focus on my story, my voice and what I what my brand to be.

      And for the abundance of content and materials, the price was an absolute steal. I’ve taken more expensive courses and didn’t get as much out of them as I got out of this course.

      I just want to take a moment and say thank you. This course really helped me and it came at the perfect time.

      Thank you"

      – Sara Gisabella

      You will gain Clarity, Confidence and Consistency.


      Have a brand that tells your story, communicates your message & attracts the right people. No more comparison because you have a unique style.

      Know exactly the right style for your message, personality and business. Forget feeling uncertain and wanting to constantly change things.

      So that your brand will be recognisable, memorable and you wont be wasting time messing about with your graphics. Consistency at all touch points.

      Hi there, I'm Tabitha Emma


      After a decade of designing brands and websites for creatives like you, I now equip creatives with the tools and processes to create and take control of their own branding.

      I want to see creative's thrive and flourish, and be seen as the professional talents they are.

      Creating something unique and filled with personality, character and story. I can help you bring your vision to life.

      I've worked with hundreds of happy clients, including...

      "The course is really good and I'm so excited to work on it more. I bought a special sketchbook for it and everything 🙌 🙌 so I can always look back on it and remind myself of my values and ideals.  This course definitely gave me the clarity that I needed.”"

      Alina Vilhjalmsdottir



      I DON'T HAVE ANY DESIGN SOFTWARE SKILLS, CAN I STILL TAKE THIS COURSE? Yes! I have designed this course to be very hands on, so you can do it all in a sketchbook if you want, no software required.

      CAN I USE THIS PROCESS FOR CLIENTS? Yes! If you want to get incredible results for branding clients, this course will give you the perfect process to follow. You may need to adapt it a bit for client work, as it is designed to be taken personally, but it will give you the framework to design a process to use for clients.

      I AM A DESIGNER, WILL THIS COURSE HELP ME BRAND MY OWN BUSINESS? Yes! I have been in your shoes, and created this process first for myself, to help me finally get my own brand in line.

      I'M NOT A DESIGNER, AND HAVE NO DESIGN SKILLS, WILL THIS WORK FOR ME? Yes! I this course is designed for any type of creative, with or without design skill. It is all about discovering your brand style and a direction for the look of your brand, along with design tips if you want to try create your final brand design yourself. If you'd prefer a designer to finalise things for you, this will give you the perfect foundation and confidence that when you hire out, that you will get something that perfectly communicates your brand.

      DO I HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS? Yes! This course will be hosted on Teachable, and you can work through it at your own pace, and return to it as often as you like. If I ever move platforms, you will be notified and I will make sure you can still access the content. You will also have access to any updates at no extra cost.

      WILL I BE ABLE TO GET THROUGH THE CONTENT QUICKLY? Yes! I don't want this to take you months to figure out (or years like it took me!) I have tried to make this as efficiently effective for you as I can. The video content is around 3 hours long, and it is up to you how long you want to spend going through the questions and work through your thoughts and ideas.

      GOT MORE QUESTIONS? Send me your questions in the chat, on the right hand corner at the bottom of the page. I will get back to you promptly by email.

      You can keep doing what you are doing,
      wasting time and never feeling content with your brand.


      You can follow a structured process that will finally
      give you the clarity and confidence you need,
      making nailing your brand style a breeze and
      giving you a unique brand identity of your own.

      Ready to Create a Compelling Brand?

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      You will get-

      All the training and tutorials to take you through the process of Defining Your Brand Style (value $497)

      Lesson Notes and Workbooks, so you can work through the material and apply it to your brand.

      BONUS: Design for your Age Demographic Guide + Workshop (value $97)

      BONUS: Guided Brand Audit ($47)

      BONUS: Brand Graphics Checklist ($27)

      BONUS: Mood Board Templates ($47)

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      Brand + Design Bundle

      You will get-

      All the training and tutorials to take you through the process of Defining Your Brand Style

      Lesson Notes and Workbooks, so you can work through the material and apply it to your brand.

      BONUS: Design for your Age Demographic Guide + Workshop

      BONUS: Brand Audit Guide

      Brand Graphics Checklist

      BONUS: Mood Board Templates


      Everything in Design Better Graphics. (learn more)
      Including Bonuses
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      If after 14 days of following the process in the course, and working on the course work, if you are not finding the clarity you need and do not feel this course is the right fit for you. I will be happy to offer you a full refund of the course.

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